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Early project history

As explained in history, IdeaLoom has its origins in the development as Assembl by Imagination for People, following a call for proposal launched by Institut du Nouveau Monde with the collaboration Marc-Antoine Parent. The first elements of architecture were done in impartition by Caravan, under the supervision of Benoit Grégoire, of Coeus technologies.

Catalyst partners

Subsequent development of Assembl was partly financed by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, as part of a larger project to develop an ecosystem of interoperable collective intelligence tools, Catalyst. As part of this ecosystem, Assembl followed this interoperability specification and could interoperate with the following tools:

However, we recently had to temporarily disable this interoperability layer, and Catalyst functionality is on hold.


Conversence is looking forward to hosting conversations on IdeaLoom.